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Management Consulting (3 Book Series)

Management Consulting (3 Book Series)Category: Ebook Bundle

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Seller: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Language: English (Published)
Media: Kindle Edition

ASIN: B077G513YV

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Editorial Reviews:

Product Description
From Book 1:

Thinking of starting your career in the Management Consultancy?

Then you have landed in the right place.

The overall aim of this crash course Management Consulting is to explore and examine key concepts, methods and techniques used in Management Consulting and also to look at the organisation, the group, the individual and their interaction within the confines of the Consulting Projects' lifecycle.

This course is part 1 of 3 in series which will teach you everything you wish to know about becoming a Management Consultant.

In this book PART 1 we aim to cover all the fundamentals of the management consulting career, management consulting is seen as a tool to solve business problems by using principle-based process. The process has been tested and can easily be employed by various firms and individuals.

What Will You Learn?


This book is PART 1 of a three-part project, and this PART 1 is divided into three sections as shown in Figure (A) below.
• The first section (SECTION A) examines an overview of the profession of management consulting on a basic level.

• SECTION B, which is the "nucleus" of this PART 1 takes a practical examination of a five-phase management consulting process.

• The third section (SECTION C) gives details on a typical management consulting career, tools, and techniques used by Management Consultants and the prospects about the management consulting and its industry. This section provides some lessons on the outlook of management consulting, consisting of career advancement and tools that can make a consultant succeed.

This course book has been written from deep research and consulting working tools. It is aimed at communicating ideas of management consulting to a target audience in a fundamental way. Some soft skills can be acquired by readers of the book that will make them more effective and efficient in their businesses.

Also, anyone interested in gathering insight about management consulting world will find this course book a useful resource.

Given the intellectual content that this book has, it can be used as instructional material for a seminar/class/ training on management consulting. Also, as a recommended text for students under the class.

When a new consultant wants to carry out an engagement. The SECTION B section of this book (PART 1) will be instrumental to give the individual an idea of what the process of carrying out this engagement is. A preliminary study of this process can serve as a framework with which the consultant can build on.

Besides, the case study on the fictitious client used here is a useful tool for readers to see the process that has been explained come to place in a real life situation. The case study will contribute substantially to make users picture how solutions are discovered, implemented and sustained.

Furthermore, this book is useful when faced with challenging corporate issues. For instance, to learn how to facilitate meetings with clients, the sections of this book that address meeting rules and tips will be helpful. Apart from that, the book can be used as an instrument of research to aid the prediction of where management consulting as an emerging profession is heading.

A major plus point this book has that makes it different from others is the use of excellent infographics and mind maps to communicate points and ideas.

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