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The 30' Series | Easy-to-Read Books to do Better and Feel Better (2 Book Series)

The 30' Series | Easy-to-Read Books to do Better and Feel Better (2 Book Series)Category: Ebook Bundle

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Editorial Reviews:

Product Description
From Book 1: Are you struggling with getting things done? Are your efforts really in line with your personal goals and priorities? Have you ever considered doing less to achieve more and get things done the right way? If you are reading this page, chances are that you are unhappy with the way your life goes and that you are looking for motivational books to provide you with ways to increase your productivity.

But first, what do you mean by ‘achieve more’? What do you mean by ‘being more productive’? What type of goals are you setting for yourself? In reality, chances are that your daily work, your personal organization skills and your time management skills are part of the problem.

With this book you will learn:
- What productivity is about!
- How to set your own goals!
- How to re-think and optimize your routine!
- How YOU can achieve more while working less!

The big picture on how to get things done

The goal when rethinking your productivity habits and trying to get things done more efficiently is to save time for yourself so you can spend time with your loved ones, on personal projects, or so you can run a side business! Being more productive is about reaching more focused results with fewer efforts, to save you time to do other things to your liking. It's a real prioritization and time management thing: give up on unconstructive procrastination and take 30 minutes to rethink your goals, your personal organization and help yourself!

A specially drafted motivational book for men and women

Let’s face it, there are tons of motivational books on the market, including a large variety of books on how to be more productive. The problem is twofold, however. One, most people never finish the motivational books they buy!. Two, few people take the time to think and reflect on what they read.

For this very reason, Productivity: Save Time & Get Things Done has been designed as a short 30-to-45-minute self-help, time management hacks and life hacks book focusing on how to set goals to increase your productivity and be more efficient while ensuring that you save time for yourself in your day-to-day life.

Going straight to the point, this book will provide you with the key goal setting points you need to focus on in order to make the most of your personal organization skills. It will give you some tips on how to re-balance your routine to save time for yourself. It will give you an opportunity to think about why you want to be more productive, about what you intend to do with your extra time, and will give you tips on how to set goals that matter to YOU. It will help you put your finger on what is important in your life and, ultimately, will help you identify and reinforce your motivation so that your efforts yield the greatest results possible over time.

New: The updated edition of this book also contains a series of questions to help you think about your productivity methods and make the most of each chapter In sum? A quick read for better time management, improved productivity and more satisfying results!

TAKE ACTION NOW! Get ‘Productivity: Save Time & Get Things Done' and use the next 30 to 45 minutes to learn how to be more productive, how to be more efficient, how save time for yourself while ensuring that you are getting things done the way you want!


About The 30’ Series

The 30’ Series books are motivational books for men and w

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